Workplace conflict and communication Problems

Location: Southern California, USA

Client: Large company (Management, Human Resources, Employees)

Services: Mediation, Conflict Assessment

Summary: When conflict among a group of employees had reached a point where communication was almost non-existent MBB Consulting was brought into intervene. There was considerable bitterness and anger between the group, and problems were continually cropping up requiring excess supervision, resulting in inferior work performance. After being met with initial resistance, a Consultant met with each plumber individually to discover the source of the conflict, assess what might be done to resolve it, and act as an agent of communication between opposing sides. Consultants worked to validate their concerns, translate angry statements into neutral language, reframe their problems so as to permit solutions and modeled a positive attitude towards their conflicts. Though a series of facilitated dialogue, an MBB Consultant assisted management in negotiating an agreement with the employees which resulted in their grievances being withdrawn.

Some of they key outcomes from the services included creating a framework for proposing and adopting collaborative, win-win solutions and fostering an environment of improved relationships, mutual respect, and communication.

Community and policing

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stakeholders: Police Officers, Local Community Residents, Local Youth, Local Business

Services: Facilitated dialogues, Trainings, Conflict Assessment

Summary: Stakeholders sought to address the increasing mistrust of Los Angeles police by LA community members, especially by youth of color, and the lack of community agency to participate in community safety issues. During this 24 month project a MBB Consultant developed a generative dialogue between police and local communities across LA. Creative programing sought to build capacity for positive relations between police and local community. MBBC meet with LAPD officials to develop potential police training in community outreach and communication, as well as train youth in communication, leadership, and collaboration skills.

Key outcomes of MBBC services include uncovering the core chronic issues beneath the conflict, connection with key City and Police officials for development of next steps and the Development of a local Council of youth in NE Los Angeles to initiate community building

Managing Potential conflict in the workplace

Location: Australia

Client: Multinational Electronics company

Services: Mediation, Conflict and Coaching

Summary: When a new employee took over the role of a long standing and well respected staff member issue arose about role descriptions and behavior. MBBC provided various conflict coaching and mediation services. Over a three month period, MBBC worked closely with the Managing Director and staff to diagnose the issue and we advised the group on possible ways the issues could be addressed. An MBB Consultant facilitated mediations and aided in the design of a management plan to deal with the ongoing issues.

Company-community Environmental Conflict

Industry: Environment

Client: Local Government

Services: Stakeholder Engagement, Dialogue Facilitation, Conflict Coaching

In a project where a hazardous waste company sought a conditional use permit to expand operations. The government was responsible for putting together a commission to represent affected stakeholders in negotiations with the hazardous waste company. Stakeholders included approximately 1000 residents, agricultural workers, and migrant workers, all of whom live below the poverty line, as well as advocacy groups who were opposed to any expansion of the facilities operations. The concerns of the stakeholders was that the hazardous waste would make harmful impacts to their health.

Over four months, an MBB Consultant conducted a series of community meetings and dialogues. The project positioned the residents to negotiate with the company. The results of the process included the community receiving approximately $2,000,000 in concessions, the company obtained its conditional use permit, and the company provided the benefits agreed to in the negotiation.

Environmental Sustainability Government Program

Industry: Environment

Client: Governmental Agency

Services:Negotiation, Mediation, Capacity Building, Meeting Facilitation, Support for project visibility study

The client sought to address the issue of outdated taxi cabs and the task of how to update the the fleet from gasoline powered to natural gas. Over three years, an MBB Consultant established a communication system among stakeholders and the Government to achieve agreement between taxi drivers, local government, Ministry of finance, World Bank, National Banks and the Vehicles Companies. MBBC advanced the organizational needs by promoting good relations between all stakeholders and by facilitating open communication when problems arose.

Some of the estimated long term impacts of this project included: improved air quality, enhancement of public health, government  capacity building, increase in the taxi driver’s income, and overall enhancement of the traffic system.

Improving inter-agency government communication and conflict resolution

Industry: Environmental

Client: Governmental Agency

Services: Negotiation, Mediation, Capacity Building, Meeting Facilitation, Raising awareness

A governmental agency sought to enhance the Ministry of Environment Employees, Mid level management and Top Management and Directors capacity and capabilities to be more active towards the local environmental problems. MBB Consultants used various conflict resolution techniques to improve the lines of communication and increase cooperation and coordination between the different departments at the Ministry of Environment. Some of the outcomes of the work included redefining the Ministries mission, objectives, and mandate, improve employee awareness of their duties, and enhance the Mid level management, Top Management, and Directors capacity and capabilities to analysis, evaluate and plan to achieve their missions.