police-community crisis rapid response

Mediators Beyond Borders International's Police & Community Rapid Response provides intervention services to de-escalate police-community crises and build constructive engagement.

When police-community crises emerge law enforcement has several immediate goals including to ensure the safety of the community, ensure the safety of officers, defuse the tensions with individuals and communities involved in the crisis, and to understand the crisis and implement solutions. Through the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques and community engagement processes, the Rapid Response Team can assist law enforcement to accomplish these goals. The Police & Community Crisis Rapid Response Team is a "post-incident" intervention service.

Once an incident occurs and community tension escalates the Rapid Response Team can be call in to:

  • Conduct a situation assessment and map the conflict
  • provide conflict management coaching to law enforcement and public officials in order to ensure public engagement is construction
  • Design and lead stakeholder engagement processes to de-escalate the crisis and rebuild communication, relationships, and trust.

police-community crisis rapid response TeAM: Strengths & Tools

  • Unbiased, neutral consultant can engage with stakeholders in a productive way that can sometimes be difficult for police
  • Use of ADR tools such as conflict mapping identifies all stakeholders, issues, risks, and opportunities to resolve the crisis an rebuild relationships, communication and trust
  • Root causes of conflict, poor communication, and mistrust are identified and addressed by the use of ADR tools such as interest-based negotiation and dialogue facilitation.
  • Rapid Response Team come in "post-incident' to support effective communication and engagement techniques of law enforcement during crises through the use of ADR tools such as conflict coaching.