Training & Capacity building

MBB Consulting and Mediators Beyond Borders International have been providing trainings as a core part of their mission for over a decade to thousands of training participants.

Core Makeup of our Training

MBB Consulting's trainings are based on Adult Learning Principals and the belief that when building dispute resolution skills "doing" must accompany learning. All out trainings are experiential with numerous opportunities to apply lessons and practice skills.

MBB Consulting Training Programs

We can customize training programs to meet your specific needs. We do have several core trainings that can be modified or delivered off the shelf. Our core trainings include:

  • Environmental Conflict Management & Stakeholder Enagement
  • Dispute Resolution for Better Decision Making
  • Advanced Mediation Techniques in International Development
  • Women in Mediation

Training Participants

We have trained government officials, private sector employees, tribal leaders, judiciaries, religious leaders, law enforcement officers, community leaders, ex combatants, community dispute resolution specialists, and many others.